Why We're Here

As skimboarders, we not only share the ocean with Pinnipeds (fur seals, sea lions, harbor seals, and elephant seals), but also, we are in their direct presence every time we are in the water. Lately, these creatures have been harmed by both human and natural forces. Sea lions directly reflect the health of the ocean. With rising numbers of pups and adults that need to be rescued and rehabilitated, it is clear that our oceans and their inhabitants are in danger. We feel that it is our responsibility to help the animals who are helplessly and negatively affected by human actions, and in turn, we will be joining together to help save the ocean that we all love so much.

Our way of helping was to create The SeaDog Skim Challenge, a not for profit skimboarding contest. Our goal is to raise funds for The Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach Canyon. All net profits from the contest, donations, and event will go directly to PMMC. Organized by current World Champion Skimboarder, Sam Stinnett, our hope is to excite the community to help our friends in the Canyon and their care for Marine Mammals.

We ask you to join us, either by signing up to compete, coming to our awards ceremony/fundraiser event, donating directly to the PMMC via theseadogskimchallenge.com, or simply joining us for a fun-filled day at the beach! Any support helps, even if it is just spreading awareness.

It is our responsibility as avid users and lovers of the ocean to take action, no matter how big or small that action step may be. After all, we are all SeaDogs at heart.